May 22 , 2019

Florida Teacher Arrested for Bringing Gun to School

May 22, 2019
Florida Teacher Arrested for Bringing Gun to School
As we stated in our first post, there are always indicators and warning signs leading up to every active shooter incident.  Yesterday, a Tampa Bay area elementary school principal acted correctly when she reported suspicious behavior that could have escalated into a tragic event.
Audrey Chaffin, the Principal at Starkey Elementary School in Seminole, Fla., noticed that her 4th grade teacher, Betty Soto, had been exhibiting "suspicious behavior" and carrying a backpack everywhere she went throughout the school.  Chaffin thought this was usual behavior and called law enforcement.  It was discovered that Soto, 49, possessed a Glock 9mm semiautomatic pistol loaded with seven bullets and two knives in her classroom.  Soto was promptly arrested and taken to Pinellas County jail.
Chaffin acted correctly, taking the indicators and warning signs that she noticed very seriously.  For details, below is the link to the Tampa Bay Times story.  Be sure to return to our blog on Mon., May 27th, as we discuss these key indicators and warning signs.