May 31 , 2019

Indicators & Warning Signs

Every incident of workplace violence and active shooter events are preceded by indicators and warning signs.  These key signs of concerning behavior include:

*Increased Belligerence

*Ominous, Specific Threats

*Hypersensitivity to Criticism

*Recent Acquisition / Fascination of Weapons

*Obsession with an Employee Grievance

*Preoccupation with Violent Themes

*Interest in Recently Publicized Violent Events

*Outbursts of Anger

*Extreme Disorganization

*Noticeable Changes in Behavior

*Homicidal / Suicidal Comments or Threats

*Excessive Use of Alcohol or Drugs

*Unexplained Absenteeism, Change in Behavior, or Decline in Job Performance

*Depression or Withdraw

*Resistance to Changes at Work or Persistent Complaining about Unfair Treatment

*Violation of Company Policies

*Emotional Responses to Criticism and mood swings


Please be aware of these important indicators and warning signs and always remember that most every “place” is someone’s workplace.  Always be alert and report these suspicious behaviors.  You could save lives.

Be sure to visit our blog next week as we will discuss de-escalation tactics.